Works by Secretary Michael

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Secular Hymnal Cover    Secular Hymnal - Solo





Twimfina Cover    




Little Machines - Set 1 Cover    Little Machines - Set 2 Cover


    Peace Choir 2016 Cover   Peace Choir 2015 Cover


Aren't We The Lucky Ones - Cover


Secular Hymnal 1 - Cover    Secular Hymnal 2 - Cover


Secular Hymnal 3 - Cover    Secular Hymnal 4 - Cover


Secular Hymnal 5 - Cover    Secular Hymnal 6 - Cover


Secular Hymnal 7 - Cover    Secular Hymnal 8 - Cover


Secular Hymnal 9 - Cover    Secular Hymnal 10 - Cover


Secular Hymnal 11 - Cover    Secular Hymnal 12 - Cover


Teacher for a Day - Cover  


  Jo Puma 1 - Cover    Jo Puma 2 - Cover    Jo Puma 3 - Cover


Slivers of Light - Cover, Slivers of Light CD


Genocide Slide Cover


Machinists Union 631 - Cover    Ethics of Luck - Cover    Ethics of Luck - Speechskript



“Someday there will be groups of enlightened people who get together to sing choral music just for the simple joy of doing it.  They won’t be there to rehearse for some big concert.  They won’t be there to get academic credit or financial reward.  They won’t be there to wear choir robes and praise their god.  They won’t be there to march and salute their country.  They’ll just be there for the visceral and intellectual thrill of singing with other people.  My purpose is to provide these “Someday Choirs” with a body of free and open music worthy of their great adventure together.”

- Secretary Michael