Slivers of Light

The score may be purchased here and the CD may be purchased here at amazon.

Small Slivers of Light Cover , Slivers of Light CD Cover

The Slivers of Light book contains piano/vocal scores (with guitar chords) to all 24 songs in the collection.

The CD contains performances of the book's songs - and in the same order. If you don't wish to purchase the CD, you can hear (and even download) the songs for free here.

Many of these early songs by Secretary Michael were experimental in the sense that they were purposefully written to engage the listener's emotions. He did this by changing the meter, the key, the accompaniment pattern and other variables midway through a song for the purpose of creating physiologic changes in the listener - especially feelings of peace.

As with all Secretary Michael songs, these are secular works often focused on tolerance and are suitable for thinkers of all ages.

Song List

1. Father Forever
2. Little Decisions
3. If We Could Lean Back and Fall
4. Walter Wenceslas
5. On One Note
6. Mirrors
7. Janitor's Lullaby
8. Sometimes People Change
9. The River Hormone
10. Gentle History
11. Ke
12. Beautiful Life
13. I am a Scientist
14. Spring Will Melt the Snow
15. Out of this Mud
16. Everyone is Me
17. Taking Care of Mom and Dad
18. Dancing Like a Zero
19. The Wedding of One
20. I am a River
21. This Song I Have Already Sung
22. Mile after Mile
23. Please Pass the Sugar
24. Stranger in the Ocean