These are the songs we're working on this year. Please click on any song you wish to study. Any title followed by an asterisk (*) is probably one that we'll sing at this week's Sunday Evening Peace Vigil.

01- Because Violence Can't End Violence (*)
02- Building a Door (*)
03- Disassemble Every Gun
04- Education is our Destination
05- Everyone Must Make a Living
06- If We're Not the Ones
07- Injustice to You is Injustice to Me
08- Let's Start a Big Commotion
09- Make Just One Brand-New Friend
10- Nonviolence May Take a Long Time
11- Nothing's Heavy with Lots of Hands
12- Onward, Upward
13- Open Open Up the Window
14- Relieving Suffering
15- Someone Should
16- The Only Path to Peace is Peace
17- There's a Better Way
18- There's a Road Between Our Lands
19- There's More Than One Way
20- To Make the World a Better Place
21- T'wards a World That Has No Guns
22- Walking in Someone's Shoes
23- We Can Get Things To Happen
24- You Took the One Road