Little Machines

A collection of 28 very short mechanical works for unaccompanied mixed singers. Full of ostinati and countermelodies, these well-crafted, sophisticated songs are easy and fun to sing - and fascinating to hear.

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Individual .pdf scores can be downloaded for free from the table below.


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Song Number

Title of Song
1 B-flat is the Answer S, A, T, B
2 Chance to Start Again S, (A/T), B
3 Dreams 3 and 4-pt
4 Education for All S, (A/T), B
5 Everywhere the Beautiful 5-pt Mixed
5-1 Russia the Beautiful Unison
5-2 Kenya the Beautiful Unison
5-3 China the Beautiful Unison
5-4 Cuba the Beautiful Unison
5-5 America the Beautiful Unison
6 Friend of Time S, (A/T), B
7 Great Circles S, (A/T), B
8 How High Can We Go? S, (A/T), B
9 I am a Machine 3-part round
10 I See Your Differnces and I Smile S, (A/T), B
11 Interval Round 3-part round
12 Keep Us Open, Keep Us Free S, (A/T), B
13 Live, Let Live S, (A/T), B
14 Marching to the Future S, (A/T), B
15 Mud to Flower S, (A/T), B
16 Popcorn Waltz S, A, T, B
17 Somewhere There's a Place S, A, T, B
18 Suffering is a Part of Life S, Whistlers, B
19 Superstition S, A, T, B
20 Taking Off My Jersey S, (A/T), B
21 Tiny Change Yodel Yodelers, S, B
22 Traveling Heals S, A, T, B
23 Troubled Child S, (A/T), B
24 Tuning to Each Other S, (A/T), B
25 Up-Down Polka S, (A/T), B
26 Working S, A, T, B
27 Works of Art S, (A/T), B
28 You Go Ahead S, (A/T), B

(A commission is being offered to choirs that upload recordings of their performances)