Commission Offers

So that others can learn how these sometimes tricky and unconventional songs are supposed to sound, a small commission is offered to those brave choirs willing to figure it out and upload their performances to YouTube. Please choose from the following:

Little Machines: $450 max. ($15 per individually-recorded song, plus an extra $30 if all 28 songs are recorded)

Candelescence (Choir Songs): $125 max. ($15 per individually-recorded major choral song, plus an extra $20 if all 7 songs are recorded: "Brick after Brick", "Peace Machine", "Animals of the Planet Earth", "Peace to You from Language Number Two", "Jeeno Casino", "We are the Fountains", "Come Sing With Us").

Candelescence (Theatrical Production): $1,100 max ($125 for all 7 choir songs listed above, plus $40 per segment, plus an extra $55 if all 23 segments are recorded, the final 2 with audience participation)

JoPuma: $580 max. ($15 per individually-recorded song, plus an extra $40 if all 36 songs are recorded)

Choral Dialectics: $160 max. ($40 for each of the Choral Dialectics; there are currently 4 of them)

Please make arrangements with us beforehand ( All music scores are free to download. We are hoping for clarity, diversity, and pleasantness in all recordings. Thanks for your consideration!