An "incompat" (pronounced "income pat") is a film, story or some other work of art that is designed to weaken stereotypes.

For example, suppose there's a stereotype among the "Yellow Jerseys" that sees all "Blue Jerseys" as being lazy bums. A filmmaker could tell a story about a hard-working "Blue Jersey". A "Blue Jersey" can't be both lazy and hard working at the same time! The images are incompatible with each other! Something's got to give! If the film maker has been subtle enough to attract "Yellow Jersey" viewers and has told an honest and persuasive story, the "something that gives" will be the stereotype.

Unfortunately, less mindful artists can (and do) accomplish just the opposite. They entertain us with stories about lazy "Blue Jerseys". Everybody's an artist. Let's be "incompat" artists!

The "incompat" is only one of the three tools that "Active Pacifists" use to change society through nonviolence (as described in the story "Aren't We the Lucky Ones" by Secretary Michael). The other tools are the "Genocide Slide" and the "Fountain-Flush".