♪♪♪ SING ALONG ♪♪♪ as a piano plays the chords and melody (from the SOLO Edition of the Secular Hymnal). Singing along to a simple, chorded melody like this is an ideal way to develop your harmonizing skills!


Some are young, some old
Some are shy, some bold
Some are weak, some strong
Some are right, some wrong

Some are bound, some free
Some are blind, some see
But together we're a community

We stand together, we stand by choice
Though each of us has a diff'rent voice
So let's try to sing in harmony
'Cuz together we're a community


Here's the same hymn in 4-part harmony (from the SATB Edition of the Secular Hymnal). If you and your choir prefer to print out your own score of this hymn, click here to access a beautiful PDF file.

To research the history of this hymn tune: http://www.hymnary.org/hymnal/SH2014